UZA at Mad Monster 2017!

UZA Zombies go to Mad Monster Arizona 2017.
UZA had a blast and an amazing time.
Mad Monster had UZA Zombies walking around.
We are so blessed to have had this opportunity.
UZA are big fans and supporters of Mad Monster. 
Mad Monster is an amazing event and they really do care about the people. 

Mad Monster has a loving and welcoming family vibe.
They go out of their way to put on such a great show.
  Compared to many big expensive Cons, Mad Monster delivers fun for all.

Be careful when going to any Events and Cons, learn about the event
and what you can get for your money and time.  Learn how they treat patrons, vendors, volunteers, etc., to see if you want to support them and their causes with your money.
Not all Cons are alike, so learn more so you know how your money is being used by Cons. Mad Monster is in it for the experience, fun, and fans.
Mad Monster is very good to the volunteers and staff; they treat you like family.
They really care about everything and everyone.
You can feel the love at Mad Monster.
This is one of the best Events in Arizona and UZA loves Mad Monster.
UZA had a blast walking around and meeting with all the people there.
We loved taking photos and giving high fives to those attending.

We even made new friends!

Thank you:  Mad Monster, Joe Moe, Cathie Neales-Mansfield, Seth Summers, 
the cast of "Night of The Living Dead", the Mad Monster Photographer and staff, and the 
UZA Amazing Team of Zombies and Helpers!

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UZA with The Cast of Night of The Living Dead 
Judith O' Deal, Russell Streiner 

and John Russo.

 It was such an honor, and pleasure to have this surreal, and amazing opportunity! We love you guys! This was one of the highlights of Mad Monster was meeting you all. The Cast was so sweet and wonderful! Thank you Mad Monster, Cathie Neales-Mansfield, Seth Summers, Joe Moe, Cast of Night of The Living Dead, Photographer and UZA Amazing 
Team of Zombies and Helpers!

More more photo's Click me!



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