Sydoney Banks

September 12, 2016

It’s My Name

I am Sydoney Aurora Ann Banks.  Sydoney is Sydney with an “o” in the middle.  I was not named after Sedona, Arizona even though they sound similar.  I am named after my deceased brother’s favorite nurse, while he was alive and living in the NICU at The Children’s Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 1989-1990.  The nurse’s name is Sidoni but she went by Sid.  My parents did not know her full name until my brother died.  They were told that Sidoni would be coming in.   When my mom asked them who Sidoni was, they replied “Sid”!  My mom loved the name so she chose it for me because Sid was special and important to my brother and still is to my family today.

My mom wanted to change the spelling because she wanted my name to be special, beautiful, and unique.  Sidonie is from the French and from the Latin.  In French, it is from the City of Sidon.  In Latin, Sidonie refers to the Ancient Phoenician City, now, which is, called the city of Saida in Lebanon.  There are not many Sydoneys around, and maybe far fewer with their names spelled like mine.

My middle name is from a combination of my two grandmother’s names.  I am a namesake for two outstanding and wonderful women.  My middle name is Aurora Ann, because they go well together, and were my grandmothers very beautiful names.  I am the only granddaughter named for either grandmother.  My mom believed it to be an honor to name me after them and carry on their personal legacies.

The meaning for my middle name Aurora – comes from the Latin, and means “Goddess of the Dawn” or in Spanish it refers to “Roman Goddess of the Mornings”.  Ann is from the Hebrew and English languages and means “gracious and merciful”.  I am not named after any Disney Princesses, or any other princesses for that matter.

My surname, or last name, is Banks and unfortunately, it has nothing to do with money or the vaults of the banks that hold the money.  Banks is English and Scottish and it means the edge of the river – a river bank; or one living on the slope of a hillside.  My surname, Banks, is not as exciting and unique as the first three names that my parents gave to me.  My last name is from my dad’s family.

PVCC HW paper by Sydoney A.A. Banks.
This paper is property of United Zombies of America LLC and Sydoney A.A. Banks 2016.



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