This will benefit our community and families.
UZA needs some funding help for a special event.
We need to get some costumes, props, and supplies.
We don't like asking for help but money is tight and 

we want to do an amazing job for this family event.
We will need it by the begging of June. 

We would really love the help and it would be such
a blessing. We would love your support!
Any amount we will be grateful for. We do so much for our beloved community and want to keep going and making a difference in the world. Help us help others.

If any questions please go to 

We are a small family owned business and pay for everything out of pocket. Makeup and gear get's really expensive. We have big dreams and goals for United Zombies of America & UZA Synyster Syn and really need help with backing. We are always looking for any kind of help with donations.

You can donate at our website at



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