UZA is proud to welcome newest member Cody Gremlin!

Cody Gremlin:  

Upon my behalf, I am variations of interesting development of things.
 As such, a visionary, a philosopher, a wayseer and light-worker, an artist, a Shaman, and author intending to change the world
 around us for the positive.

Please check out Cody books
 The Awakening Within The Journey and 
ShapeShifting The Ouroboros of Astral Projection!

Cody's book 
ShapeShifting The Ouroboros of Astral Projection

The Awakening 
Within The Journey
    by Cody Gremlin

About the Book
This particular book is dedicated to the purpose of it being a global inspirational project. Meant to share a positive influence to cultivate, share and embrace knowledge, My near Death Experience that helped to inspire me to write this book and begin my YouTube Inspiration Project. The embodiment of our aspirations to change the world, The natural beauty of cultures, A deeper light of human nature, the vastness in the oceans of the infinite universe. The development of our spiritual fire, how to balance our walk in the center of our existence, our life-force as human beings and how to rise to our self improvements each day. the practice of gratitude, a variations of topics that range from my philosophy to perspectives, how to overcome the greater obstacles in life. the awakening within this journey since birth I had experienced in order to get to this point. The adventures I have traveled upon to build up my YouTube project. The balance of harmony in opposition to the darkness of humanity, The craftsmanship in the foundations of my legacy. The expression of my thoughts on the aesthetics in the values of art, individuality, our interest in the cosplay/anime culture. the binding of the universal collectives of my philosophy, which also includes the decode and fascination of human consciousness. 
I hope this book will have inspired you.

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ShapeShifting The Ouroboros of 
Astral Projection
by Cody Gremlin

About the Book
©"-The collection of documents discovered within this book embodies the unveiling revelations of the infinite spiritual journey I have traveled upon throughout life, encircling the awakening deriving the compass of mortality, eternally bonding the genetics from birth until the conclusive future. Revealing doors of the internal self at the dawn of the immaculate sun, boundless universes decodes revealed eyes inside of my hands, breathing the heartbeat of transcendence through astral projection, wandering through the abyssal oceans inside the consciousness of human coexistence. Aspirations of visions reached completions while pushing against the inertia of obstacles, reminding shadows are forever drowned and reborn, planting the seeds of light, inspiration, and knowledge, becoming the wolf leading the wolf pack. Confronting the dimensional realms in desperation to finding the purpose of myself, endlessly searching for the opposite half inside the mirrors, escaping while navigating the gateways of serenity and emptiness. Abandoned at the sight, and sound of mankind, burning alive the flickers of this spiritual fire forevermore. In the revolutions of discovering the bonding light, removing the blindfolds of deceptions manifesting among the journey of time."-Shapeshifting The Ouroboros of Astral Projection

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