We Can’t Live Without Technology

            Most Americans today, in the 21st century, cannot live without technology.  It is hard not to use technology.  Technology is used every day.  You may not even be aware of it.  We use it when we are on google docs, the internet, cell phones, and computers at school or work.  Technology is also found in our cars.  If you have a CD player or radio, a GPS, or even a DVD player and screen, then you have technology, as well as the car locks and other mechanical functions.  
You use technology when you go shopping too.  When you enter a store, the doors may open and close by themselves and that is technology.  When you check out at the store the items you are purchasing, the scanner, and how you pay for your purchase uses technology.  Now in most businesses, we now use chip card readers when we check out.  In conclusion, we use technology all the time, and you may not even be aware of it.  Americans cannot live without technology.  It is a necessity of everyday life.  Next time you go out count up all the times you use technology.  I bet you will find it to be a lot.

          By Sydoney A.A. Banks



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