UZA is holding their very first and all important
Members of UZA meeting in February 2017!
We will be holding a monthly meeting for UZA Members.
One of the amazing benefits of being an

UZA Member is our all new monthly meeting!

The meetings will include our Upcoming Events, Brainstorming on UZA for New Adventures and Ideas for Growth, Upcoming News Items, Tools on how to Promote Yourself through UZA, Awards for UZA Members and Others Involved with UZA Activities, how to Earn Volunteer Hours and how to Use Them in Important Ways for Yourself, and for FREE Education and Life Long Learning from UZA Founders, other UZA Members and even from Worthwhile Outside Professionals. We are really very excited about our Educational Program because Members and Various Professionals can come and Teach What They Know and Do as well as Who They Are and Why What They Know and Do Is Important For All of Us. We Help Others and Teach Others How to Better Ourselves as Individuals and even as a Constantly Improving Team. Get to Network and Become Friends with one another. UZA is a Team that Cares for All of Our Loyal, Hardworking, Devoted, Caring Members because They are Very Important to UZA and Each and Everyone has Something Unique and Special to Bring to the Team. So Enjoy becoming a Member of UZA and Sharing Yourself and Your Talents with UZA through Future Growth through Learning! 

The Whole Purpose of UZA is to make a Difference and to Help Change the Lives of Others by One Single Step at a Time.

There are New Things Coming to UZA and Now is an Amazing Time to Become and be an UZA Member!



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