Tempe Public Library Comicon 2016 
The event was a huge success! Tempe Public Library Comicon  had 37 vendors and about 3,000 attendees at the event. United Zombies of America and UZA Synyster Syn had a wonderful time. We meet some amazing people and had a blast! The costume parade was also a big success! We had a grate time at the parade and there was a good turnout! We love Tempe Public Library a lot and look forward to working with them more and next years Comicon! We say great job to Tempe Public Library for putting on such a great event! Thanks you so much Tempe for inviting us and letting us have fun with you! We also say Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who help make it happen. Thank you to everyone who came out and had fun with us. Thank you Ray Digger The Grave Digger for all your hard work. Thanks to our helpers Dee Banks, Diane Pool and Sydoney Banks


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