The them was Decades we did the 80's.
 1980s tribute to Madonna and David Bowie. 
Hair by Diane Pool. 
Makeup by Diane Pool, Sydoney Banks 
and Jennifer Shorey. 
Costuming by Diane Pool and Jennifer Shorey. 
Modeling by Jennifer Shorey. 
Photos by Diane Pool and Sydoney Banks.

We got 3rd place on our beautiful model!

UZA and Synyster Syn Founder, Sydoney A.A. Banks 
is going to school to become a cosmetologist.

This whole school thing is all very new and different to me.  I know it is not easy, but I know that not anything that is worth having is always easy to attain.  I am scared most of the time of failing and not being good at cosmetology, but I do not want to give up because I am not a quitter.  I have seen so many people just quit and give up on their life, their dreams, their goals and so much more.  I know, I do not want to be like them and always have regrets and feel like a failure in life.  School is tough and it is a lot to take in and understand especially when you have a learning disability.  When you have a learning disability, everything is a lot more difficult to grasp and understand it is not easy and I have to work very hard at it.  If you have any kind of learning disability, it does not mean that you are in anyway less intelligent than anyone else it just means that you learn differently.  I still have problems with that, because I forget that others learn easier than I do and that I learn differently than they do, so I feel less intelligent even though I may be more intelligent than others who have fewer or no problems learning things.  In school, it is hard to see others getting good grades and doing really well, and I am barely passing, but I have to remember that I am working 20 times harder because my brain processes how I do things differently.  I am happy for my fellow students and I am amazed on how well they do what they do.  I just have to remember what my goal is and how to hold on to it and keep on trucking.  I have to remember and understand that I cannot compare myself to them, I can only compare me to myself and try to keep improving and doing better than I did the last time I attempted to do whatever it is that I am now doing.  I love my current school, the fantastic staff, the students, and the class I am in, they are all amazing.  My teacher is really one of a kind, very old school yet up on how we all learn in varied ways, and I am so very thankful for her.  This is a big step on my way to my dreams and I cannot let anyone stop me, including myself.  I had a fun time with the last hair show competition it was fun and different for me.  I did the makeup and I have never done anything like that before, so it was stressful and scary, but I did it and it all came out very good.  I was not 100% happy with it, but there is always room for improvement.  The fact is I did it, I had fun, and I learned from it.  I know that by pushing yourself, it is the only way to be challenged and to improve yourself.  Try new things and be opened up to the unknown. My team was amazing and we did a terrific job. 
 I am so proud of all of us.



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