The founder and head makeup artist at United Zombies of America, Sydoney Banks, and her amazing team of three other students entered a Student Hair Show and Competition at their cosmetology school.  They did a wonderful job and everyone at UZA and Synyster Syn are so proud of them for the courage and talents they showed in their attempt to compete as new students with only two weeks of school to consider for their attempt as well as their former outside knowledge they had.  They took a big chance by entering the competition but they went for it anyway.  They put in their time, money, effort, work, worry, fear, blood, sweat and tears as well as their laughter and love for each other and fun.  They had a great time learning and experimenting as well as they gained a lot from the bonding experience formed from this opportunity. Sadly, they did not win, but in a way, they really did, just by attempting so early in their training. Good Job - Team Hallway Crew! (their team name)

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Hair Show 
by Sydoney Banks
I am so proud of my team and we did amazing.
We were scared and nervous and we did not fit in with the other contestants, but we did it anyway.
I am so glad we did it because we did learn a lot and we had a fun time. I knew we were not going to win because the school would not get our style choice and that is okay.  A lot of underdogs and outcasts do become someone when their time is right like Tim Burton, Walt Disney and many more. To be honest Tim Burton was one of our biggest inspirations for the hair show.  I am a big Tim Burton fan.  We were picked on and made fun of by other students but you keep going and never let those bullies win.  I myself have been picked on my whole life but I do not let it stop me.  When watching my team work with me and come out and walk the runway I got so nervous and felt this warm happy feeling and I started to cry a little.  I almost never cry and I don't like to cry especially in front of people.  I was so proud, not just of myself, but mostly my team and how far we have come so far together in this. My main thing here - is to always follow your dreams and step out of your comfort zone so you can push yourself forward to become better. Never let rude and uncaring bullies stop you or get in your way, keep going on, one step at a time, and rise above them.The whole hair show thing was quite an experience and it was emotional, scary, and a rollercoaster.  I would do it all over again exactly the same.  
This whole cosmetology thing is all new for me and very scary. I know I will do fine and just have to keep at it. When I first started haunted houses and SFX makeup it was scary and new to me also. Now student and soon to be cosmetologist Sydoney A.A. Banks.


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