United Zombies of America and UZA Synyster Syn had such a fun time at YumaCon! It was one of the best Comic cons we have been to.  It  was well organized and was Fun for the whole Family!
The staff of YumaCon was helpful and pleasant and the attendees were also kind and fun to be around!  This con was far greater then Phoenix Comic Con. We would highly recommend it to everyone to go next year and the following years to come. Keep up the great work YumaCon (remember bigger isn't always better)!  To be honest the smaller non-mainstream cons are more personable with the vendors, guests, staff, and attendees of the con which is better and way more fun and worth the money.  I like the one on one time with the vendors and guests and the less congestion and overcrowding of these cons.  Yumacon,  Amazing Arizona Con and Mad Monster Con are some of our favorite c
onventions to attend because 
they are smaller and care more about the overall experience for everyone and are 
not all about numbers and money! 

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Great Job YumaCon!!

UZA had 2 classes/workshops/panels: "Bruises, Blisters, and Gore" along with "Making Monsters".  They were both successful and lots of fun for all!  We had a blast at the "Bruises, Blisters, and Gore" class and we met some amazing artists.  We had fun and we were asked some really great questions, we loved it!  Hey, Yuma just because we are in Phoenix does not mean you cannot learn more from us.  We can teach you through video, media, and technology, that most of us have now.  We would love to teach you more or help you out with anything you are interested in, if we can.  At the "Making Monsters" class we had a wonderful time with you kiddos and your families.  We loved working with each of you and being able to see what you made come to life in class.  You were able to amaze us with your talents and we hope you all keep up with the fun of theater and the art of acting.  Hey, any of you wanting to keep on developing your inner monster, can ask us any questions and also keep learning with us via video, media, and technology.  We had so much fun and we are so grateful for this amazing opportunity to get to meet all of you.  We love you guys and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and that it was a honor and pleasure to get to work with each of you!  Plan to see you again next year!

Making Monsters Class 2015

UZA & UZA Synyster Syn booth 2015

UZA made some new friends at YumaCon and it was easy since everyone was so friendly and kind.  We thank you all for being 
so kind and welcoming to us it means a lot.  Zombies/Monsters have a 

hard time making new friends.
We even got to meet a fan/supporter of ours, Felicano Vargas.  It was so nice to finally meet you!  We hope to see you again soon, Felicano and your sister.  
Your makeup work and 

talents are amazing keep it up!
UZA saw some of the most beautiful, spectacular, and breathtaking costumes like NeonLights and more!  Really great work, they were jaw-dropping and really "out of this world" - well done!


UZA Ray Digger - The Grave Digger, had so much fun and will never forget the amazing time he had at YumaCon 2015!  He love it and meeting all of you and getting photo's with you.  He wants to say, "Thank You so much for having him and letting him feel welcomed".  It was a pleasure Yuma and we look forward to next year's YumaCon!  You have not see the last of us!

Your friends 
United Zombies of America UZA, UZA Synyster Syn, Ray Digger - The Grave Digger, UZA Founders Ray, Dee, and Sydoney Banks, and UZA Synyster Syn CEO and Founder Sydoney Banks.

Until Next Time - Yuma, Stay Undead!


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