Come see United Zombies of America UZA Founders Acting at Jack and Jills Haunted Hill! Ray and Sydoney Banks will be acting at Jack and Jills Haunted Hill Haunted House.
They will not be zombies at this haunt they will be some creep, scary, terrifying and CrAzY characters! You will not want to miss this it is going to be Amazing!

Jack and Jill went up the Hill but were NEVER seen again...
and you might not be either!

While searching for water they stumbled upon an abandoned mine and never came back out...come explore the mine and see what happened to poor Jack and Jill.

Hopefully you'll be lucky enough...to make it out...ALIVE!!!

Coming to Phoenix Indoor Karting this October!!!

Reserve your ticket now @ www.haunted-hill.com! Limited tickets available!

Every day from 12PM to 5PM we offer family friendly exploration of the haunt without the scares. For just $5 per person you can walk through the spooky sets. Great for kids! Tickets available at the front desk.

Photography By: Mohawk Photography





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